COST Actions are made up of partners from COST countries, the Cooperating State, Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries.

Click here for the list of 38 COST countries

here, for the Near Neighbour Countries

and here for potential International Partner Countries

As of June 2019 We ReLaTe has 34 COST countries participating in the Action. They are listed here

We also have seven Near Neighbour Country partners and one International Partner Country in our Action.

All COST Actions have a Management Committee (MC). According to the COST Vademecum, the role of the MC is to ‘take charge of the coordination, implementation and management of the Action’s activities as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funds with a view to achieving the Action’s research coordination objectives and capacity building objectives’ (COST, 2017: 6). Each partner country has two representatives on the MC – MC members. A list of the MC members and substitutes for We ReLaTe can be found here

Within our Action we use email, Google Drive and Adobe Connect as our asynchronous and synchronous communication tools.

In line with COST policies we are seeking to grow the Action and to be inclusive. If you would like to join our Action, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details here