If you would like to learn more about our Action please email us. The primary contact details for our Action are as follows:

Management Committee Chair of the Action:

Dr Alison Farrell (IE)

Management Committee Vice Chair of the Action:

Dr Katrin Girgensohn (DE)

Science Officer of the Action:

Dr Rossella Magli

Administrative Officer of the Action:

Ms Svetlana Voinova

You can read about our Action on the COST website at

Our Action hashtag is #werelateca15221

You can learn more about COST and other Actions in the COST corporate
website at

And you can learn about joining a COST Action here

Finally, the COST Vademecum (or ‘handbook’) outlines many of the COST rules and guidelines. A link to the most recent version of the Vademecum, which guides all our work, can be accessed here  under the heading ‘Vademecum’.