As part of our Action, we hope to contribute to contemporary conversations on writing, research, learning and teaching. We will do this at our meetings and other events. We also hope to do this through publications and other outputs.

Our outputs are closely linked to the grant periods of the Action. Where we have specific outputs to share with the wider community we will list them here under the grant periods. These outputs and/or resources will include: research informed discussion documents; reports on our meetings; outlines, reports and evaluations of our training schools; reflections on STSM experiences.

Fourth grant period outputs

At this stage in our Action we also have quantitative data from an online survey.  That data provided us with findings that reinforced what we had been hearing in the focus group.  At the working group meetings in October 2019 colleagues identified initial themes from the data which are accessible here; a comprehensive analysis of that data will take place in December 2019 as part of an STSM.
We also began to sketch out alternative models of support in answer to objective 9.  Those draft models will be noted here shortly.

Third grant period outputs

In Grant Period 3 we began to examine our data in order to continue to being to answer our Objectives 7 and 8.

Objective 7 was to ‘Co-ordinate the deconstruction of each of the four areas of teaching, learning, research and writing with key informants in order to classify the elements that have typically led them to success, effectiveness and productivity.  Part of the fulfilment of this objective required the development of and agreement on a transcription protocol available here.
We also looked at the focus data as a group and identified the following initial codes which we recorded here.
Subsequently, the data was comprehensively examined as part of an STSM.  The report from that STSM is accessible here.
Moving towards the achievement of objective 8, namely  to ‘co-ordinate the collation and cross tabulation of data gathered from key informants in order to identify the common ground that exists in terms of positive development and performance through purposes, processes, knowledge/scholarship, skills development and values, across the four areas of teaching, learning, research and writing’, the focus group data was revisited again, and combined with outputs from objectives 2 and 3 in an other STSM, the report of which is accessible here.  This report begins to move towards the suggestion of alternative models of support.

Second grant period outputs

In Grant Period 2 we were addressing objectives 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of our Action. All of these objectives are noted in our MoU

As a result of our work during this grant period we produced the following outputs:

First grant period outputs

In Grant Period 1 we were addressing the first research objective associated with our Action and noted in our MoU

  1. Clarify and publish what we mean, collectively, by key terms associated with the Action.

In order to fulfil this objective we produced a document of agreed work definitions for the Action’s key terms and a shared bibliography on which their definitions are based.

You can access these documents here: